Winter to Spring…And Back Again!

It seems that spring has arrived a bit early, hasn’t it?  Although…you know how crazy back and forth the weather gets at this time of year!  Rain. Sun. Cold. Hot.  It’s enough to keep you guessing every single day about what the appropriate layers or lack thereof would be!  It’s just one of those coastal Californian things where the rest of the country is plunged into snow and winter, we are getting the amazing joy of early springtime!

Because layering is an absolute spring fashion necessity, we thought we’d put together some cool to warm (and back again!) weather options where you could take the same outfit virtually, and make it work for the mood swings of spring!

  1. The Ruffly Blouse



So in the early chill of the morning, you’ve got your jacket and your scarf on.  Ruffly blouses are oh-so springtime, but how cute of an addition to a jacket, right?  You can use the ruffle to add a little accent to the warmer pieces by pulling the sleeves through or the collar out to make sure you see that little pop of ruffle!  Take off the jacket, and you’re warm weather ready, but still look really nice for work or whatever you’re up to!

2. The Denim Jacket

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You guys, if you don’t have a denim jacket, you need one.  I know, this can be a scary piece for all those jeans addicts because…how do you wear denim with denim…the easy answer to that question is you JUST DO IT!!!  It’s a huge trend for spring, and besides that, the denim jacket works with skirts and dresses and is a nice lightweight layering piece for this kind of breezy yet warm weather.  Also, notice the pop of lace in the top…it’s a nice little surprise when you take your jacket off!

3. The Floppy Hat

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This outfit is more about versatility than it is about warmth, really.  Notice how the floppy hat and boots get swapped out for white loafers on the second outfit.  The floppy hat is one of those super glam boho pieces that makes you look like Rachel Zoe in a hot second.  Also, the stretchy lightweight sweater vest makes for a good layer over a nice blouse because it adds a little warmth, but not so much that you’ll get heatstroke when it warms up!

4. The Little Floral Dress

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We are in love with sweater coats.  Because they are so comfy, easy to travel with, and toss in your car when it warms up and you don’t have to worry about wrinkling them.  Look how simple it is to add this sweater coat to this summer dress…and instantly you have an outfit for either breezy springtime OR summer when you take it off!  We loved this ruffly scarf to add a little bit of coverage for the really strappy numbers where you feel like you might want a little more of something on top.  Swapping boots for wedges or sandals is a great option also depending on the weather patterns of the day.

5. The Simple Slip Dress

9 10

Here, we took a simple sheath dress/slip dress, and made it more wearable and less like you’re just wearing a slip!  A vest (we used a sweater vest for this outfit because we loved the brown with the pink!) can add warmth while a sheer button down can be worn kind of like a vest to add some coverage and texture to the outfit.  Boots can be again swapped for mary jane’s, sandals, or flats for a springy look!

You probably have some of these elements in your closet…but we will break it down for you so you can recreate these looks (in your own way of course!).

  1. Denim jacket.
  2. Boots and/or booties in a neutral color like brown, black, or grey.
  3. A lighter, springtime scarf.  For those who are scarf challenged, get an infinity scarf so all you have to do is loop it around twice and go!
  4. A floral summer dress.
  5. A midi or maxi length skirt, depending on your body type and preference.
  6. Statement belt…tooled leather, embroidered, or a solid color work great!
  7. Statement necklace.
  8. Slip dress.
  9. A vest or a sheer top…there are so many options for this look.  A crochet top also works to layer over a simple slip dress!
  10. Jacket.

Okay, I think you’re ready to style!  If you need any help, please come in and see us!   We LOVE to help with this stuff, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy shopping